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Our Portfolio of Grains can work for you

  • Transparent Origination
    An efficient approach to obtaining necessary stock depth of grain ingredients.
  • Supply Chain Visibility
    By using a farm-level managed origination network and company-owned transport assets, we have created one of only true front to back supply chains dedicated to specialty grains. Product is stored at the farm level, while being monitored by our own quality assurance program. When it is time to move to a customer’s facility, we mange all aspects of the transport with our in-house logistics team.
  • Continent Level Origination
    An expanding trade area and ability to rapidly advance product towards customer preferred facilities allows for timely delivery of specialty grain and ingredients. Couple this with stringent quality control and customers are provided with a true end-to-end supply solution
  • Complete Selection
    A continuous inventory, in storage, of all grains ensures a complete, and transparent selection of traceable human and pet food ingredients. An order will be delivered when, and where you need it.

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