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  • Dakota AgSynergy works to assist growers with the most efficient and cost effective means of growing contract crops through our Crop Inputs Division.
  • Seed Treatment & Inoculant
    • Custom seed treat with cutting edge equipment for the highest in season protection.
    • Peat based inoculant products – Better seed adhesion means more inoculant in the root zone for proper nodulation.
    • Granulated inoculant products – Superior bacteria counts and resilient towards environmental conditions.

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Yellow Pea Seed
Chickpea Seed

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Nette 2010
Nette offers a very strong yield potential and excellent harvest ease. Compared to DS-Admiral; Nette’s vine length is a few inches shorter, and it also has a shorter bloom duration. This will allow for quick pod set and seed development. Nette will deliver a smooth round seed at harvest that will fill processor requirements very well.

  • Seed Size: Small to Medium
  • Physiological Maturity: Early to Medium
  • Standability: Very Good to Excellent

Through years of extensive testing in the US and Canada; Mystique has exhibited enhanced standability, high yield potential, and a strong disease package. Mystique will be an excellent selection for pulse crop producers looking to increase the bottom line. Mystique displays superb seed quality and a seed size slightly smaller than DS Admiral. It will be a preferred variety by many edible pea processors. Well adapted for south central ND.

  • Seed Size: Smaller to Medium
  • Physiological Maturity: Medium to Later
  • Standability: Very Good

Chickpea Seed

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